Email marketing

The email, a direct way to reach your potential buyers and increase sales or conversions.  Fair Play takes care of the design of your email marketing campaign and, if you wish, we will send the emails for you. Knowing how to use Mailchimp or other free email marketing tools is a step, but do not forget the strategy.


How to design a newsletter?

Your subscribers will be informed about your brand’s new products and the latest news. Let the design of newsletter template in our hands and, if you don’t know how to create content for the newsletter, we can help you with the writing.


Do you want to create an effective email campaign?

Es esencial planificar una estrategia de emailing para que tu campaña tenga éxito. ¿Cuándo enviar un email masivo? ¿Funcionaría el email marketing B2B? Tras un estudio, nuestro equipo creativo y de diseño web te ofrecerá la mejor solución para que tus promociones y servicios destaquen en la bandeja de entrada.


Do you want to create a news bulletin?

We prepare newsletters with business sector news so your associates, employees or clients receive news of interest in their email.