What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing consists of a collaboration between a brand and an influential person to spread or promote their brand on social media (the most popular, Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube), with the aim of increasing the visibility of the brand, the traffic to the website, the number of followers on social media and increase the number of sales.

The key to success: how to choose the right influencer?

Not only is it important to look for people with a large fan base; It is also necessary to analyze the characteristics of the public targeted and the customer journey by these people, and verify if they are close to the company’s target audience or not.

Influencer marketing is a great opportunity to reach the public in a more organic and less aggressive way. By partnering with the right people, brands can generate content with quality and amplify their message to reach their target audience through a channel they truly trust.

Leave it to us: search, negotiation and implementation

We set the objectives, define the KPIS and establish a budget. With this, at the end of the world. Our task is to find, contact and negotiate the best exchange between brand and influencer, always with a contract involved. Thus, we control that the action is carried out as agreed: date, publication times, clauses according to competence, etc.

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